Whole Home Detox: Granite Cleaner

If there is one homemade cleaner you are going to make off of this blog, please, let it be this.  I can’t sleep at night knowing you are being ripped off with “granite spray” or  “granite wipes”  that make tons of waste and dry out a week after you buy them.   Promise you’ll make this if you have granite, mkay?  It’s costs next to nothing and mixes up in like point five seconds.

Why Granite Cleaner

For those of you who are wondering why I advocate for such a hoity-toity frill as granite cleaner, I’ll tell ya.  First, I am OCD about smear-free counter tops. (You guessed so, didn’t you?)  Second, vinegar can damage granite because it is a mild acidic.  I normally would have happily grabbed my all-purpose and glass cleaner and gone to town on those countertops, but it contains vinegar, so I had to adapt.

Why Rubbing Alcohol

The good news is that my DIY granite cleaner is the same exact recipe as my all-purpose and glass cleaner, but it uses rubbing alcohol instead of vinegar.  Rubbing alcohol is awesome because it is a disinfectant and can cut through grease better than vinegar.  I was really happy to find out that it also works on my glass cooktop.  My all-purpose cleaner was leaving streaks and I was having a hard time sleeping at night.

Your horizons are not limited here.  You can definitely use the granite cleaner on glass and other surfaces in your house, but be aware that it won’t have the same scum-busting abilities of vinegar.  (Vinegar: better for scum and hard water.  Alcohol:  better for cutting through grease)

Warning:  This stuff definitely smells like alcohol.  You have to put a lot of essential oil in it to mask it.  Overall, it is not a big deal.  You get used to it.

DSC 0449 DSC 0283 DIY Granite Cleaner Granite Cleaner

  • 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 3 drops of dish soap
  • 1 Cup Water
  • You can use 5-10 drops of essential oils to mask the alcohol smell if you want.  I used Sweet Orange; it’s my fave for cleaning.
  • Put the rubbing alcohol into a 16 oz spray bottle. Add the dish soap, essential oil and water.  Give it a little shake to combine.

DSC 0451

And there you are.  Doesn’t a mug of coffee look so much more tantalizing on a shiny granite counter top?  I was thinking so.  Golly, I love instant gratification.

DSC 0452

No big deal, just a soy candle in a vintage container.  From my mommy.  You can see the glass cook top is not showing any of the bacon-y goodness I cooked on it this morning.

DSC 0456

Now you have the proof:  Homemade Granite Cleaner rocks.  And also I took these photos at 4:12 pm today.  Now go clean some granite!

(And if you feel so inclined, check out the other super easy cleaners from my Whole Home Detox project!)


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  • Jessica Kay

    I love everything abou this blog post! You rock rach!

  • Rachel

    Where did you get the spray bottle Rachael? Is it glass or plastic?

  • Brittany Baudouin

    Can I use dr bronners liquid castille soap instead of dish soap in this recipe?

    • frugalfaye

      Yes! But it doesn’t cut through grease quite as easily.

  • Cindy

    So funny! We’re on the same page with healthy natural living! We even have the same granite counter tops! LOL

  • Liza

    I love it… It worked like a charm! x

  • Alexis

    I just tried this. It works great! You weren’t kidding about the shiny.

  • Jason

    Got to ask, is that Baltic Brown granite? We just redid our kitchen this year and went with that. I love it, but the streaking on it kills me since it is so noticeably being nearly black.

    • frugalfaye

      Jason, I wish I knew! The former owners gutted and renovated our house, so the countertops were already installed and I’m not sure what they are. I do know that I’ve seen this granite at Home Depot, so whatever it is it sure isn’t anything real fancy! The streaking does kill me though…I can see all the spots when the light hits it…bad for us OCD folks.

  • JB

    Do you know if this would clean/disinfect after raw chicken being on the granite?

  • Tracy Bilous Pourfar

    Just made our first batch. The kids helped too. Love it!!!!

  • Carrie Drish

    I have the same granite in my kitchen!! Thank you for the recipe!

  • Lynn

    Can you clarify..is the alcohol better than the vinegar homemade cleaner recipe for cleaning a ceramic stovetop? I’m thinking vinegar option is for removing heavy boil overs and rubbing alcohol mixture for everyday cleaning? Thankyou

  • Lynne Disteldorf

    My husband just sealed our granite island surface with Aqua Mix. Will the alcohol in your cleaner take off the granite sealer?